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Welcome to my website and thank you for choosing to visit. I created this website because I believe the role of fathers in their children lives is critical for them in becoming healthy, happy individuals that contribute to making our world a better place.

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Since becoming a father to two beautiful children I have personally struggled to know if I am a good father or not. To often I hear two standards for mothers and fathers. Mothers do it all, feeding, bathing, educating, playing and protecting their children while for fathers the acceptable standard I hear is just to show up. Mothers have a wealth of information and positive influences available to them in order to know what makes a good mother. I want to know what makes a good father and how I can go about improving every day.

This is why I have created this website/blog in order to explore and provide you with the information geared towards being fathers and how we can become better. It is my sincere hope you will find value in this and join in this journey with me.


I want to help people, specifically fathers become better in their role as fathers because the world needs us men to be the best we can for our children. Humanity faces many challenges now and it appears that those challenges will only increase in the near future. We can lay the foundations for our children and our children children by the actions we take today however small. No matter what has happened in the past, no matter what you have done or have not done, it is never too late to take responsibility of your role as father. And it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed this means you are learning and with anything in life it will take lots of hard work and practice to get to master this new skill. Just keep at it at your own pace and you will get to where you want to go.


The goal I have for this website is to help men become the best fathers they can be for their children. Our children need us to step up and provide them the tools they need in order to succeed in life. We can not leave this up to our wives and birth mothers of our children alone. Mothers are already pulling an unequal amount of weight in raising children today. In the majority of cases this is true but if in yours it’s not then I do not mean to offend you in any way. If you feel comfortable please share your experiences so I can learn about your struggles and help provide the appropriate tools if asked to do so.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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